Create Dynamic Patterns with Simple Weaving

If you’re not familiar with the realm of possibilities in color-and-weave, get ready to expand your weaving horizons. Using just two colors on your rigid-heddle loom, you can create an amazing array of visual effects in your projects—no pick-up stick required. 

This course will cover: 

  • Choosing yarns for an effective contrast 
  • How to design and plan a color pattern
  • Special considerations for warping color-and-weave on a rigid-heddle
  • How to read a weaving pattern
  • Shuttle management
  • Tips for tidy selvedges and finishing
  • And ways to explore even more variations

Color-and-weave produces impressive designs on even the simplest weave structures, such as plain weave, making it perfect for the rigid-heddle loom. Though it may look complex, don’t let your eyes fool you. It’s the unique combination of alternating light and dark values that create these one-of-a-kind optical illusions, and it’s easier than you think.

Included in the Course: 

  • Detailed instructional videos, totaling 52 minutes of video 
  • Gamp scarf pattern with threading and treadling plan  

Materials and Equipment: 

  • Rigid-heddle loom with 15-dent heddle or 2 8-dent heddles and two shuttles 
  • Warping board or warping peg 
  • Sampler gamp pattern (included)
  • 5/2 perle cotton yarn for your scarf project 

As you work through each lesson, you’ll gain the confidence to start weaving color-and-weave effects and put this new knowledge into practice. Get started weaving with Sara today!

Note: If you'd like to download this video instead, please visit (this page is for the streaming version of the video).


Sara Bixler

Sara Bixler is the owner and resident instructor of Red Stone Glen Fiber Arts Center in York, Pennsylvania. Many of Sara’s students praise her ability to guide students through the challenging world of color theory, specifically relating to weaving. Sara has spent many years experimenting with color in weaving focusing her studies on how color relationships are affected by yarn size, luster, sett, and weave structure. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Bachelor of Science in K-12 education—although she gives full credit for the depth of her knowledge to her apprenticeship with her father, Tom Knisely.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Meet Your Instructor

    3. Getting Started and Course Materials

    4. Table of Contents

    5. Technical Support

    1. Introduction to Color-and-Weave Effects

    1. Warping Considerations for the Rigid-Heddle Loom

    2. Additional Resources: Warping

    1. Weaving and Using a Pattern

    2. Additional Resources: Weaving

    3. Get a Closer Look - Green Sampler

    4. Get a Closer Look - Gamp Scarf

    5. Threading and Weaving Order Chart

    1. Finishing

    2. Additional Resources: Finishing

    1. Exploring Ideas and Variations

About this course

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  • 18 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content