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In Slots and Holes, Liz Gipson will show will show you how to warp your rigid-heddle loom quickly and easily so that you can create anything from plain fabrics, to plaids or complex stripes. Through her teaching experiences, Liz has perfected an easy approach to rigid-heddle loom weaving that will have you creating fantastic fabric in no time at all.

You'll Love This Weaving Video If:

  • You want to know how to weave cloth fast
  • You enjoy creating different types of woven fabrics
  • You like learning new tricks for your rigid-heddle weaving loom

In Slots and Holes You'll Learn:

  • Three different ways to warp your rigid-heddle loom
  • How to weave plain fabrics, complex stripes, plaids or fine fabric
  • How to warp on different types of rigid-heddle looms

A Word From the Author:

"This clever, portable and accessible loom is going to enable you to make incredible cloth. I have discovered the joys of this loom throughout the years. I first learned to weave as a child. I was really fortunate [in that] my mom was an occupational therapy aid, and at that time they allowed us to go work with her. Weaving was also synonymous with occupational therapy. So I scurried underneath the looms and I had a very wonderful tutor."— Liz Gipson

About the Author:

Liz Gipson is a former Managing Editor of Handwoven and SpinOff magazines and former Marketing Manager for Schacht Spindle Company. A veteran of DIY television, she lives in Loveland, Colorado, with a backyard full of beloved cashmere-producing goats.

What Other Weavers Are Saying:

"Liz has a very likeable delivery, is clear in her instructions and takes you step by step through each of three methods. She also uses different looms, which helps in understanding how the warping methods would be done on several of the most popular models. "— Chelle, Kansas City

Praise for this Course


“Precise, slow-paced delivery, and the camera simply and clearly illustrated the process. The purpose and benefits of each warping method were discussed. Finally, I have grasped the method of warping on two rigid heddles--a number of pieces have fallen into place for me. ” - Carol Pauline Rauss

Great lessons!

“This video is great for beginners, and also great as a refresher if you've been away from weaving for awhile, or want to expand your warping repertoire.” - Beth Popp

So nice to SEE it done!

“The books are helpful; but somehow, being able to see the process clearly as it is done, in order, is a HUGE help! Awesome :)” - Kathrine Buechner