Further your knowledge with Card Wool for Color!

This course will cover:

  • Using a drum carder, blending board, and hackle
  • Choosing and placing colors for ombre, gradient, and fractal yarns
  • Making batts, rolags, roving, and top
  • Plying yarns three ways for sharp color transitions, diffused patterns of color, and gentle color transitions

Meet Esther Rodgers

Esther Rodgers

Esther Rodgers is a writer, teacher, and fiber artist whose business is known as Jazzturtle. She explores the use of texture and color through her art yarns and textile projects, combining free-form experimentation and experimental techniques. She has taught classes all over the world and makes her home in North Carolina

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Gradients & Ombres

    • Video Lesson

  • 3

    Batts & Rolags

    • Video Lesson

  • 4


    • Video Lesson

  • 5

    Batts, Rolags & Roving

    • Video Lesson

  • 6

    Hackle Stripes

    • Video Lesson

  • 7

    Chain Plying

    • Video Lesson

  • 8

    Fractal Spinning

    • Video Lesson

  • 9

    Spinning Cabled Yarn

    • Video Lesson

  • 10

    Final Thoughts

    • Video

    • Course Survey