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If you haven’t tried long draw spinning before, it can be a bit of a mystery. Most spinners are taught short draw techniques when they are first learning to spin, but may not know they can significantly expand their skills by exploring long draw, or woolen spinning.

Join expert spinning instructor Amy Tyler for a fun lesson in spinning woolen yarns. Whether you’re just getting started or perfecting your long draw skills, you’ll love learning to create lofty, warm yarns that are great to knit and wear.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to identify the qualities that make a yarn woolen and choose the best fiber preparation for your project, determine the difference between drafting with no twist and drafting against twist, and become familiar with new spinning jargon. Amy will guide you through the basics of three different strategies for spinning woolen yarns, including double draft, point of contact, and “woolen.” You’ll also learn Amy’s favorite ways to use carded batts in your woolen spinning.

Get this workshop and start spinning the best woolen yarns for your projects today!

A Word From the Author:

"I love sharing tips on different spinning techniques, and long draw techniques are perfect for soft, woolen yarns that are a delight to knit and warm to wear." — Amy Tyler


Amy Tyler

Amy Tyler has taught spinning at fiber festivals, conferences, and guilds across the country for over 10 years. With a formal education in dance and movement sciences, she has a keen understanding of learning movement skills. She writes regularly for Spin Off magazine. Amy lives in Benzie County, Michigan. You can find out more at www.stonesockfibers.com.



“Another excellent descriptive demonstration! I love this instructor as she is quite patient and passes along the joy of spinning emphasizing practice makes perfect!” - Roberta Santiago

Spinning Woolen

“Excellent! So clear to understand.” - ELAINE GAULT

Outstanding explanation

“Amy's Spinning Woolen Yarn video is one of the best instructional videos I've seen. Looking forward to viewing her other instructional videos on spinning.” - Theresa Jones