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How many ways can you spin handdyed roving?

In 12 Ways to Spin Handpainted Top with Jillian Moreno, you’ll learn a dozen ways to play with color and gain more control over your yarn. Looking for a randomly colored skein that lets all the hues play together? Jillian shows you four ways to blend colors within a single braid of fiber. Like the colors just as they are? Find four ways to keep the colors in your yarn just as you bought them. Want to bring more than one colorway together in yarns that using? Learn to choose colorways that will look great together and combine them for yarns greater than the sum of their parts.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to preserve the colors you fell in love with
  • Ways to combine two or more different braids of fiber
  • Techniques for controlling the flow of color in your yarn
  • How to spin gradients, fractals, and self-striping yarns

Make the most of your stash of handpainted top—and choose new braids with confidence!

Jillian Moreno is a spinning teacher and author whose work regularly appears in Spin-Off. She is the editor of the online magazine Knittyspin and the author of Yarnitecture: A Knitter's Guide to Spinning: Building Exactly the Yarn You Want.


So helpful.

“Loved this. I have been spinning one colour yarn the past year, and now, FINALLY!, I think I'm ready to try some colour. Thanks so much!” - ELAINE GAULT

Great color inspiration!

“I really enjoyed this class. Jillian Moreno is an excellent and inspiring instructor. I can't wait to pull out some of my coveted braids and try these spinning and plying techniques!” - Kathryn Broege

So exciting!

“Love love love! So much inspiration & such great techniques - can’t wait to try out with my stash of 4oz tops!” - Heather Richmond