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Batts are irresistible; almost every spinner has a few in their stash. But batts can be mysterious. How do you know what’s inside that rolled up jewel of fiber and how to spin it? In this video we will dig deeply into batts. Learn how to spin batts for silky smooth or wildly textured yarn. Explore the different ways to spin multicolored batts, keeping the colors distinct, creating a pattern, or mixing the colors together. The first secret to spinning batts is knowing what type of batt you have and what type of yarn you want, and you’ll learn that and much more in 12 (Plus!) Ways to Spin Batts.

You will love this video if you:

  • Want to learn how to spin batts in different ways
  • Are interested in learning to control color in a batt.
  • Want to learn how to control texture in a batt

In this video you will learn how to:

  • Identify different kinds of batts
  • How to prepare a batt to spin the yarn you have in mind
  • Control color flow in a batt.
  • Control texture in a batt to spin for lofty, smooth, or wild yarn.

Techniques demonstrated in this video:

  • Preparing a batt to spin
  • Keeping colors distinct when spinning batts
  • Blending colors in a batt
  • Spinning textured and challenging batts
  • Core spinning batts

Jillian Moreno is a spinning teacher and author whose work regularly appears in Spin-Off. She is the editor of the online magazine Knittyspin, and she is at work on her first book.



“Well-structured, easy to understand, especially with all the possible art batts to spin from! ” - Alike Harel

Finally I know what to do with my wonderfully blended batts!

“... I wish I'd known it earlier. I Always had an unlucky love for batts, but the yarn I spun out of them was not nearly as interesting at the former batt. Thank you!” - Antonia Kesselring

Spinning Batts

“Really found this informative, clear and a good pace.” - Jasmin Lindo-Clarke