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How to select, prepare, and spin a great fleece!

Join Judith and learn about

  • basic types of fleece: primitive, fine & medium wools; and luster longwools;
  • several of the sheep breeds that produce these wools, from feisty Shetland and Karakul sheep to spotted Jacobs, to majestic Merinos;
  • what to look for when choosing a fleece, and what to avoid;
  • how to lay out a fleece and select the best parts to use;
  • several ways to wash and store fleece;
  • preparing fleece for spinning by carding, combing, and flicking;
  • methods of spinning your fleece for the project you want to make.

Meet Judith MacKenzie

Judith MacKenzie

Judith MacKenzie has been spinning and weaving most of her life. Her traditional training has been expanded with world travel, deep research, and industry consultation. She writes and teaches extensively, and is the author of The Intentional Spinner and The Practical Spinner's Guide to Rare Luxury Fibers. Her popular online courses include Three Bags Full, Spinning Primitive Breeds, and Popular Wheel Mechanics.

Course Reviews

Everything you need to know

“Judith’s love for fiber from animal to finished product is demonstrated in this comprehensive workshop. I’ve purchased and spun many types of fleece and still learned so much! Her easy-going teaching style and detailed-yet-not-complicated content is a pleasure to view and hear. So many useful tips, from assessing fleece to washing and prep to make the yarn I love to spin! Easy to go back to review parts. Useful handouts. I’m sure I could watch it many more times and learn even more!” - Karen Cooper

Clearly written, a wealth of information

“This was filled with so much wisdom and information, I have watched it twice and I think I could watch it weekly for a year and continue to be inspired and informed. Thank you Judith!” - Martha Yanuszeski

Love this Video

“Terrific course. Judith's love of sheep and wool was very contagious!” - Gisela Towner

Course curriculum

    1. Video Lesson: In the Fleece Tent

    2. Video Lesson: Meet Some Sheep!

    3. Meet the Sheep

    1. Video Lesson: Get to Know Your Fleece

    2. Examining Your Fleece

    3. Video Lesson: Sorting

    4. Sorting a Fleece

    5. Video Lesson: Washing Your Fleece

    6. Washing Fleece

    7. Video Lesson: Storing Your Fleece

    8. Storing Your Fleece

    1. Video Lesson: Introduction to Preparing Your Fleece

    2. Video Lesson: Carding Wool

    3. Carding

    4. Video Lesson: Combing Wool

    5. Combing

    1. Video Lesson: Fleece Transformed

    2. Video Lesson: Spinning Your Fleece

    3. Spinning Your Fleece

    1. Conclusion Video

    2. What You Learned

    3. Course Survey

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  • 27 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content