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In The Evolution of Wool, Judith MacKenzie unlocks the secrets to understanding wool. You’ll learn how wool grows, how the thousands of sheep breeds we have today came from the very first sheep, and why this should matter to the contemporary spinner. Ever wonder why some sheep shed their wool or “roo” while others can grow their fleece up to twelve inches long? Or why some types of fleece lie straight and shine like silk but others twist and curl? Judith Mackenzie answers all of your wool questions, even the ones you never thought to ask! You’ll never look at fleece the same way once you know the secrets to understanding the many different types and how they came to be used in spinning.

You’ll love this Spinning video if:

  • You’ve wondered how wool grows
  • You’re interested in what makes fleece specific to each breed
  • You want to know the differences in wool when shopping

In The Evolution of Wool you will learn:

  • How individual wool fibers grow
  • Why fleece has changed over time
  • What the differences are between wild ancient sheep, primitive breeds and contemporary breeds
  • What makes wool soft, silky or itchy

About the Expert

Judith MacKenzie has been spinning and weaving most of her life and has been a textile artist for over thirty years. Her traditional training has been expanded with world travel, deep research, and industry consultation. Judith is a renowned spinner and a frequent contributor to Spin-Off magazine. She writes and teaches extensively and is author of The Intentional Spinner (Interweave, 2009) and The Practical Spinner’s Guide: Rare Luxury Fibers (Interweave, 2015).



“Learning so many thing that I didn't even know I wanted to know -- lol. Judith has an amazing wealth of knowledge and is so interesting!” - Gisela Towner

So lovely and informative

“Judith McKenzie has such a WAY of conveying her knowledge of a subject she so obviously loves. I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop.” - Kathleen Nolan

More than just know-how

“I could write the same review for all of Judith McKenzie's video courses I've watch on Long Thread, she passes down both knowledge and love of fiber, so tightly spun together one never comes without the other. Sharing delightful lessons and that kindle in the eyes along, too! Can't wait to start another workshop from her!” - Alike Harel