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Discover the Magic of Shadow Weave 

Did you know you can weave stunning designs with as few as four shafts and four treadles, and never change your tie-up? Imagine weaving eye-catching patterns with any yarn, from wool and cotton to chenille, novelty, and glitz, and making cloth that’s suitable for any use, from clothing and accessories to hard-wearing towels and upholstery. Welcome to shadow weave, the fabric of your dreams.

As you watch, award-winning weaver and teacher Jannie Taylor introduces you to shadow weave, a type of color-and-weave design that gives you infinite patterning possibilities in even basic cloth. 

This course will cover:

  • The basics of shadow-weave structure and pattern
  • The two types of shadow-weave design
  • How to choose colors to get the effects you want 
  • How to create new patterns at the loom with treadling variations
  • Tips and tricks for successful warping and weaving

The goal of this course is to help you gain a clear understanding of shadow weave through step-by-step instruction combined with guided practice. Many of the lessons include pencil-and-paper exercises to embed your new skills more firmly. 

Included in the Course:

  • 11 detailed instructional videos, totaling nearly 80 minutes of video
  • Course workbook 
  • Downloadable copies of the demo sheets shown during the video
  • 13 WIFs and matching drafts and drawdowns 

Jannie's clear teaching style makes it all easy and fun, and her energy and enthusiasm are motivating. Jump in and explore the amazing possibilities of shadow weave cloth for your life and loom.

If you'd like to download this video, please visit https://shop.longthreadmedia.com/products/introduction-to-shadow-weave-dazzling-patterns-in-simple-cloth-video-download (you are on the streaming version of the video).


Jannie Taylor

Jannie Taylor lives in California and teaches advanced weaving classes at the AVL Weaving School. She also presents programs and workshops for guilds and conferences, including every Convergence from 2008 through 2022. When she's not teaching, Jannie enjoys designing and weaving one-of-a-kind items. On weaving, she says, “Sitting at my loom, throwing the shuttle and watching the amazing process of threads being interlaced into a textile that began as an idea in my head is still, after all these years, a joyful and amazing experience.”

Praise for this Course


“I've been (sadly) away from weaving for some time now, and was in search of inspiration to get me back to the loom. I found it in Jannie's Introduction to Shadow Weave! Clear instructions, beautiful examples! The ideas are bubbling over! Thank you so much!!” - Ann Bohrer

Fantastic teacher

“Love how Jannie can take complex ideas and simplify it. I would take every class she teaches.” - Susan Robinson

Dazzled by Shadow Weave

“Jannie Taylor makes Shadow Weave so accessible with her instructional style. The course presumes knowledge of basic weaving design concepts such as blocks and profiles. But even a weaver with little understanding of these terms and their use will be able to follow the course and begin weaving the shadow weave designs presented with an understanding of the structure and its uses.” - Deanna Nielson

Course Curriculum

    1. History of Shadow Weave

    2. Structure or Color-and-Weave Effect

    3. Atwater, Powell, or Parallel?

    4. Key Points

    1. Understanding Shadow-Weave Drafts

    2. Threading on "Opposites"

    3. "Block Pairs" on 4 and 8 Shafts

    4. Profile to Threading Draft

    5. Completed Profile to Threading Draft Exercise

    6. Key Points

    1. Changing Direction in Shadow-Weave Drafts

    2. Turning Points

    3. Turning Points Practice

    4. Completed Turning Points Practice Exercise

    5. Key Points

    1. Shadow Weave Tie-Ups

    2. Tie-Ups

    3. Key Points

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