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Get ready to start weaving summer and winter!

Traditional, yet contemporary, summer and winter fabric is reversible and fun to weave and design. Named for the light (summer) and dark (winter) sides of the cloth, it has been used for traditional coverlets but is also great for long-wearing household textiles and outerwear fabrics. It is also the most shaft-thrifty of all the block weaves, so you can get a lot of pattern pleasure on a 4-shaft loom and even more as you add shafts. In this video, Madelyn van der Hoogt teaches everything you need to know to weave and design your own fabrics with summer and winter.

This course covers:

  • How the summer and winter structure works
  • How to design your own summer and winter drafts and projects
  • How to weave summer and winter for good fabric and even patterning
  • How to treadle summer and winter in different ways to create subtly different effects in the patterns
  • Ideas for playing with color and materials

The course also includes a design collection with 11 summer and winter projects, articles on creating patterns in summer and winter, and downloads about polychrome summer and winter.

About Madelyn van der Hoogt

Madelyn van der Hoogt

Madelyn van der Hoogt is a teacher, editor, writer, and renowned weaver. She is an editor emerita of Handwoven Magazine and a former editor of Weaver's magazine. The founder and principal instructor of The Weavers' School in Whidbey Island, Washington, she has created a number of Handwoven videos including the bestsellers Warping Your Loom, Weaving Well, and Weaving Overshot.

Course curriculum

    1. Understanding Tied Weaves, Block Weaves, and Profile Drafts

    2. The Draft: Summer and Winter

    1. The Fundamentals of Weaving Summer and Winter

    2. Bricks, O’s, and X's, etc.

    3. Treadling X's and O's patterns

    1. Adding Color: Polychrome Summer & Winter

    2. Polychrome Summer and Winter (article)

    3. Maximizing Treadles with Skeleton Tie-up

    1. Planning Projects

    2. Designing Blocks for Summer and Winter (article)

    1. Best of Handwoven: Summer & Winter eBook

    2. Handwoven Master Yarn Chart

    3. Further Reading

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