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Build Your Charkha Confidence

Book- and box-style charkhas—used mainly for spinning cotton singles—are captivating, self-contained little devices. These portable, non-electric wheels can travel with you wherever you go and offer the opportunity to spin cotton and other short fibers into fine yarn—fast.

Though the learning curve can feel steep, instructor Kate Larson is here to smooth the process and help you find success learning to spin on a charkha. 

In this course, you'll learn how to:

  • Set up, tune, and maintain your charkha  
  • Find a comfortable setup and spin your first yarn  
  • Spin cotton and other short fibers into high-twist yarn 
  • Troubleshoot common issues  
  • Finish your yarn

Ideal for spinners of all levels, this course provides learning opportunities for both new charkha spinners and those who want to fine-tune their practice. Learn to listen to your charkha, tune it like an instrument, and adjust your movements to spin in harmony.

Kate's hands-on approach has helped spinners across the United States learn the ins and outs of these amazing spinning wheels, and now you can access her full course anytime, anywhere, at your own pace. Many spinners have fallen in love with this incredible spinning wheel, and you could be next. 

Included in the Course: 

  • 106 minutes of detailed instructional video  
  • Bonus charkha articles and resources  
  • Knitting patterns for using handspun cotton yarn  

 Materials and Equipment:  

  • Book-, box-, or briefcase-style charkha   
  • A spool of sewing thread 
  • Cotton sliver (recommended) or punis  
  • Maintenance kit specific to your charkha 
  • Optional: Spinning wheel for plying, paper pirns or bobbins and bobbin winder

Note: If you'd like to download this video instead, please visit shop.longthreadmedia.com (this page is for the streaming version of the video).


Kate Larson

Kate Larson is the editor of Spin Off magazine. She keeps a flock of beloved Border Leicester sheep on her farm in Indiana and loves using fiber arts as a bridge between her passions for art and agriculture. Along with a degree in soil chemistry, her fiber journeys have led to travels through northern Europe and opportunities to teach handspinning and knitting around the United States. She is the author of The Practical Spinner’s Guide: Wool (Interweave, 2015), and several videos, including How to Spin on a Charkha (Long Thread Media, 2022). Her articles and designs have appeared in Spin Off, Jane Austen Knits, Enchanted Knits, Knitting Sweaters from Around the World, and more.



“This was a splendid course from Kate, which I would highly recommend to anyone. She covered all the bases involving these fussy little devices, such that I am able to troubleshoot any issues that I may have with my book charkha. I am spinning with far greater efficiency than I ever have, and I’ve overcome some equipment issues that were easily remedied. Super class!” - Debbie Ellis

Excellent! Good information, clear demonstrations

“Thank you for producing this video! I appreciate the open approach to the individuality of charkas and the low-pressure and calm approach to spinning cotton. I’m inspired to try this method and tools :) ” - Diane Price

Kate Larson's Charkha Spinning Class

“Great class! I learned a lot and will be referring back to it many times because it has so much wonderful information. Kate was a great teacher because she took time to explain and demonstrate everything in a calm and easily understood manner. She also had numerous helpful resource materials and downloads. I found out why I was having a challenging time spinning cotton because Kate demonstrated how to adjust the charkha, as well as adjust your body position, and how to correct your spinning techniques. The entire class was a fantastic value. I'm so happy Kate did all that research and pulled everything together into one class. Thank you, Kate! ” - Robin Lindy

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Meet Your Instructor

    3. Getting Started and Course Materials

    4. Table of Contents

    5. Technical Support

    1. Introduction & Charkha Setup

    2. Resources

    3. Labeled Parts of a Charkha

    1. Maintenance

    2. Key Points

    1. Getting Started & Spinning Your First Yarn

    2. Key Points

    3. Resources

    1. Next Steps in Spinning & Plying

    2. Key Points

    3. Resources

    1. Finishing Your Yarn

    2. Key Points

    3. Resources

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