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Create exactly the yarn that you want with handspinning expert Kate Larson as your guide. Creating yarn for knitting is different than creating for other textiles such as weaving or embroidery. In this course, you’ll learn what makes knitting yarn unique and techniques to make your own beautiful yarns that are perfect for your knitting project. Kate will also show you the process of picking the right fiber, yarn design, and the best way to finish your knitting yarn. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn to spin!


Professionally fun spun

“Very generous with information and clearly demonstrated: adding exercises to illustrate the techniques while speaking to the camera is not easy and it was pleasant. This spinning for knitting course showed all the steps, worsted and woolen, different plying methods, chaîne plying, cabled plying, how to wash the skeins once spun, the fulling process, a finishing and project planning.” - Dominique Robertson

Knowledge I Need

“Kate Larson is a fantastic teacher! Her step by step instructions are so helpful. My favorite tips are plying with constant motion and spinning three samples on one bobbin for a three ply test skein. Thank you, Kate.” - Carol Tonjes


“Such a great video. I learned more in one video about fulling yarn than I had read in the previous year. So helpful!” - ELAINE GAULT