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Learn to create adorable mini garden gnomes with tiny beards, hats, and more!

With just a felting needle and wool batting, you’ll create dense 3D figures that can hold up to little and big hands holding and playing with them. 

Learn how to construct the body for a male or female gnome, create leg definition with the felting needle, create and attach the arms and hands seamlessly, how to add the hat (a gnome essential), and add a face and hair for maximum cuteness.

In Felt It: Make Mini Gnomes you’ll learn how to:

  • Choose the best needle felting materials and colors
  • Use felting needles safely and effectively
  • Shape wool into 3D, free standing forms
  • Attach pieces seamlessly
  • Add details like a hat, beard, hair, and a face
  • Create dense felt to ensure your felted figure is long lasting

This course will cover:

  • Basic needle felting skills
  • Using felting needles for shaping and fine detail
  • How to create a dense figure for longevity and appearance
  • Using multiple felting needles at once
  • Needle felting troubleshooting tips
  • Using wool locks for extra detail
  • Adding and layering colored wool

Meet Melissa and Jennifer Vansant

Going Gnome

Melissa and Jennifer VanSant

Melissa and Jennifer VanSant are the creative force behind Going Gnome. Based in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, they create designs for needlefelted creatures. Their business sells complete kits and a full line of needlefelting supplies. Find them at goinggnome.com.

Course curriculum

    1. About Felting & Needlefelting

    2. Needlefelting Tools and Materials

    3. Materials List

    4. Start Your Gnomes!

    5. Safety Tips

    1. Sculpt the Gnome's Body

    2. Add Arms and a Hat

    3. Add Facial Features

    4. Add Hair and a Beard

    1. Congratulations on Your Gnome!

    2. More Needlefelting Fun

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