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Make a Drumcarder Your Favorite Spinning Tool

A drumcarder is one of the biggest investments a spinner can make, and it opens a whole world of spinning possibilities! You can combine different colors and fibers in a custom blend, process entire fleeces consistently, incorporate textured elements for art-yarn spinning, and even open new opportunities for feltmaking. Fiber artist and teacher Emily Wohlscheid shares her advice for choosing, using, and maintaining a drumcarder in this video course.

You will love this video if you...

  • Are interested in purchasing a drumcarder and don’t know what type you would like
  • Want to understand your drumcarder better
  • Want to create your own custom blends

In this video, you will learn how to...

  • Properly use and care for your drumcarder
  • Understand how colors blend on the drumcarder
  • Create custom blends including heathers, tweeds, textured, and more

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What You'll Learn

Get ready to make the most of your drumcarder!


Emily Wohlscheid

Emily Wohlscheid is a fiber artist, teacher, and spinner based in Michigan. She creates handcrafted jewelry and hand-dyed fiber goods for her business, Bricolage Studios, and teaches classes and workshops throughout the United States on spinning, fiber preparation, and jewelry/metalsmithing.

Course Reviews


“Loved this course! I liked how the teacher calmly present every step to make different types of batt on different carder with all kinds of fiber, [plus] some problems we could have and how to handle them. Simple and thorough.” - Alike Harel

Just what I needed.

“Being a novice when it comes to fleece and the use of commercial top in preparing to spin, this course was just what I needed. I have already tried the basic techniques and my results are so much better.” - Jane Rumsam

Let’s Start Carding!!!

“I enjoyed this course immensely. It was well thought out and presented. Showing a variety of carders and styles of batts gives me a lot of ideas going forward of how it use my carder to its full potential. ” - Roberta Collins

Course curriculum

    1. Drumcarder Varieties

    2. Basic Blending with Prepared Fiber

    3. Processing Fleece on a Drumcarder

    4. Drumcarder Care & Cleaning

    5. Drumcarder Maintenance

    1. Wool/Cotton Blend

    2. Wool/Silk Blend

    1. Tint, Tone & Shade

    2. Creating Marled Roving with a Diz

    3. Creating a Multicolored Tonal Batt

    4. Further Reading on Blending Color

    1. Carding a Tweed Batt

    2. Medium Textured Batt

    3. Wild Textured Batt

    1. Questions to Ask Before Buying

    2. Blending Tool Buying Guide

    3. How to Choose a Drumcarder

About this course

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  • 2 hours of video content