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Weave Bold Patterned Bands with Simple Tools

Plain-weave inkle bands offer a wide variety of designs, but pick-up expands the pattern possibilities even more. There are many approaches to pick-up, but Baltic pick-up is often the first step for weavers.

This style involves picking pattern threads up and down from their natural weave. As you manipulate the pattern threads, the background weaves plain weave, and row-by-row, your design appears—like a little bit of bandweaving magic.

It’s a simple technique to learn, and instructor Angela K. Schneider will guide you each step of the way. As you watch this course, you’ll learn about: 

  • Materials and equipment 
  • Baltic pick-up drafts
  • Reading a pick-up chart with ease
  • Identifying which pattern threads should be up or down
  • Weaving more efficiently
  • Starting and ending your bands
  • And more!

Using your inkle loom and a few simple tools, you can create floral motifs, Xs and Os, hearts, lettering, and an unlimited array of designs. So, grab your inkle loom, shuttle, and pick-up stick, and let’s get started!

An Introduction from Instructor Angela K. Schneider


  • Inkle loom
  • String heddles
  • Belt shuttle
  • Small pick-up stick
  • Sewing gauge or small ruler (optional but recommended for getting a consistent band)
  • Tapestry needle and scissors

Included in the course:

  • 9 video chapters, totaling 55 minutes of video
  • Floral Motif Pick-Up Band Draft and Chart


While this technique is beginner-friendly, you should know how to warp an inkle loom and weave a basic band before beginning this course.


Angela K. Schneider

Angela Schneider is both a techie and an artist—but above all, she’s a teacher. As Long Thread Media’s project editor, she checks and double-checks project instructions in an impressive range of fiber arts. Her designs have regularly appeared in Handwoven and Little Looms magazines, and she has created everything from delicate jewelry to massive weaving installations in public spaces. With a background balancing programming, engineering, and art, plus a Master Spinner Certificate from Olds College, she relishes getting down in the details to understand a textile. One of her greatest joys is teaching and watching someone’s eyes light up with understanding.


Baltic pick-up with ease

“I have tried this form of weaving before but learned so many extra tips from this class. It is a great step by step course. ” - Bernadette Geuy

Excellent class

“This class was easy to understand. Angela explained it clearly and slowly enough to weave along with her. I appreciate the explanation of threads and weaving shuttles, and which ones worked better for Baltic pick-up. Great class! ” - Stacy DeLong

Great Teacher!

“Angela is a wonderful teacher and the video made it easy to understand.” - DIANE MCDANIELS

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Choosing Your Yarns

    3. Equipment

    1. Inkle Drafts

    2. Reading a Pick-Up Chart

    1. Weaving Baltic Pick-Up

    2. Picking Up More Efficiently and Tucking in Tails

    1. Another Option for Tucking in Tails

    1. Conclusion

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