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Get ready to start tablet weaving!

This course will cover:

  • Tips for the best tablet-weaving tools and materials
  • How to read a tablet-weaving draft
  • How to warp using cards
  • Techniques for successful weaving, including managing selvedges and fixing mistakes
  • How to design your own tablet-weaving patterns
  • How to finish your tablet-woven bands

About John Mullarkey

John Mullarkey

John Mullarkey is a weaver, spinner, and fiber artist who is passionate about tablet weaving and about spreading its many virtues and possibilities. He has developed software for designing tablet-weaving patterns, and he is the primary author of A Tablet Weaver's Pattern Book (self-published). He has woven garments using his card woven bands that have been in both national and international fashion shows, and his designs are frequently featured in Handwoven.

Course Reviews

A great way to start card weaving.

“This course is just what I needed to get started with my inkle loom and cards. The videos are nicely organized and John presents ideas clearly. The video makes it easy to see what is happening from multiple angles. I'm excited to try out more bands! ” - Lynn Blevins

Superb Introduction to Tablet Weaving

“[The instructor's] explanations and demonstrations are so clear, both in his choice of words and the videos of the process. It was easy to navigate back to sections and rewatch them when I needed to see and hear John's expert advice again. I have a lovely band started in 3/2 cotton and am excited to delve further into tablet weaving. This is a great, clear introduction, and I highly recommend it.” - Nicki Scholtz

Excellent for Beginners

“Great, easy-to-understand instructor and good organization. I have an inkle loom and some tablets and I found getting started on my own to be overwhelming so I watched this and now it all makes sense. ” - Ragan Buckley

Course curriculum

    1. Let's Begin!

    2. History

    3. Important Terms

    4. Tools & Materials

    1. Video Lesson

    1. Video Lesson

    1. Video Lesson

    1. Video Lesson

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  • 18 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content