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Imagine a 4-shaft loom you can carry in your pocket! Using the age-old art of tablet weaving (or card weaving), you can create beautifully patterned bands to use as belts, straps, bookmarks, or to embellish other weaving projects. In Double-Faced Tablet Weaving, John Mullarkey teaches one of the most fascinating aspects of tablet weaving: how the structure combines aspects of spinning and weaving, and how twist affects design. Tablet weaving is endlessly fascinating: Just turn the cards and watch the patterns emerge. John makes it easy, and his excitement is infectious, so join him and a millennium of weavers in celebrating this ancient art.

You'll Love This Tablet Weaving Video If:

  • You enjoy playing with patterning
  • You want to make gorgeous bands for bookmarks, belts, embellishments, and more
  • You like to weave wherever you go

In Double-Faced Tablet Weaving You'll Learn:

  • The secrets of S and Z twist and how twist creates pattern
  • How to thread the cards for different patterns and effects
  • Tips to make sure you've warped correctly for your pattern

About the Author:

John Mullarkey is a weaver, spinner, and fiber artist who is passionate about tablet weaving and about spreading its many virtues and possibilities. He has developed software for designing tablet-weaving patterns, and he is the primary author of A Tablet Weavers' Pattern Book (self-published). He has woven garments using his card woven bands that have been in both national and international fashion shows, and his designs have been featured frequently in Handwoven.