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Once you’ve created a whole world of whimsical woodland creatures, they’ll need a house to live in! In Felt It: Make a Mushroom House, sisters Melissa and Jennifer VanSant of Going Gnome will guide you through every step in creating an adorable, tiny mushroom house for your forest friends. You’ll learn about the specific needle felting materials you’ll need, how to make structural felt pieces that stand up on their own, techniques for shaping and embellishing the mushroom cap, and how to attach and secure pieces together. Learn how to add smaller details such as moss and rocks that make all the difference. Needle felting is a fun, affordable, and easy craft. You’ll love crafting with the VanSant sisters!

Once you’ve finished your mushroom house, check out the VanSants’ other video workshops for garden gnomes, a sleeping fox, and more.

You’ll love this needle felting video if you:

  • Would like to pursue an easy, inexpensive craft
  • Love woodland creatures and their whimsical world
  • Want to try a low-commitment, fun needle felting project

In Felt It: Make a Mushroom House you’ll learn how to:

  • Choose the best needle felting materials and colors
  • Use felting needles safely and effectively
  • Shape wool into 3D, free standing forms
  • Attach pieces seamlessly
  • Add details like grass, moss, and rocks
  • Create dense felt to ensure your felted figure is long lasting

Techniques Demonstrated in Video:

  • Basic needle felting skills
  • Using felting needles for shaping and fine detail
  • How to create a dense figure for longevity and appearance
  • Using multiple felting needles at once
  • Needle felting troubleshooting tips
  • 3D structural needle felting


Melissa and Jennifer VanSant

Melissa and Jennifer VanSant are the creative force behind Going Gnome. Based in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, they create designs for needlefelted creatures. Their business sells complete kits and a full line of needlefelting supplies. Find them at goinggnome.com.