Join an Expert!

In this course, join expert weaving instructor Laura Fry and learn how to weave more efficiently and consistently.

This course will cover how to

  • weave in a way that works with your body and reduces fatigue;
  • wind your warp quickly and efficiently;
  • make easy work of beaming your warp with a simple warping valet;
  • manage tangled warp threads and inconsistent tension;
  • expertly wind shuttles, bobbins, and pirns, and even create your own paper quills for extra storage;
  • maintain beautiful selvedges on either side of your work.

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About Laura Fry

Laura Fry

Laura Fry chose weaving as a career in 1975 and studied at some of Canada's top weaving schools. She started her business in 1977 and since 1980 has worked full-time as a professional handweaver. In 1997 she received certification as one of Canada's Master Weavers. Laura's meticulous approach to weaving quality fabric and extensive knowledge of ergonomic weaving are popular with her students, whom she teaches in person and online around the world. Laura is the author of Magic in the Water, a self-published book about the importance of wet-finishing woven fabric. Laura is well known for her concise pearls of weaving wisdom including, "If you can't be perfect, be consistent," and, "A thread under tension is a thread under control." As of early 2018, she is in the midst of writing a new book on weaving design.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Overview

    • What You Will Learn

    • Getting Started

    • Welcome

    • About The Instructor

    • Technical Support

  • 2

    Efficient Weaving

    • Video Lesson

    • Key Points

  • 3

    Winding the Warp

    • Video Lesson

    • Key Points

  • 4

    Beaming with a Valet

    • Video Lesson

  • 5

    Efficient Warping

    • Video Lesson

    • Key Points

  • 6

    Winding Bobbins, Shuttles, and Pirns

    • Video Lesson

  • 7

    Selvedges and Tension

    • Video Lesson

    • Key Points

  • 8

    Wrapping Up

    • Conclusion

    • Key Points

    • What You Learned

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