Join an Expert!

In this course, join expert weaving instructor Laura Fry and learn how to weave more efficiently and consistently.

This course will cover how to

  • weave in a way that works with your body and reduces fatigue;
  • wind your warp quickly and efficiently;
  • make easy work of beaming your warp with a simple warping valet;
  • manage tangled warp threads and inconsistent tension;
  • expertly wind shuttles, bobbins, and pirns, and even create your own paper quills for extra storage;
  • maintain beautiful selvedges on either side of your work.

About Laura Fry

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2

    Efficient Weaving

    • Video Lesson
    • Key Points
  • 3

    Winding the Warp

    • Video Lesson
    • Key Points
  • 4

    Beaming with a Valet

    • Video Lesson
  • 5

    Efficient Warping

    • Video Lesson
    • Key Points
  • 6

    Winding Bobbins, Shuttles, and Pirns

    • Video Lesson
  • 7

    Selvedges and Tension

    • Video Lesson
    • Key Points
  • 8

    Wrapping Up

    • Conclusion
    • Key Points
    • What You Learned
    • Visit Leclerc Looms