Stop getting frustrated. Start getting even.

Almost every spinner wishes for even, uniform yarns, but the perfectly consistent skein can be elusive. Spinning teacher and author Beth Smith shows you how to take control of your yarn and create yarns that are more regular. In the process, she teaches you techniques for improving your spinning from first drafts to finishing. 

In this spinning video you will learn:

  • Beth’s secret for maintaining even twist 
  • When and how to count treadles for consistency 
  • How samples keep you on track at every stage of spinning 
  • Ways to maintain a steady grist in woolen, worsted, and plied yarns 

Lumpy bumpy yarns no more! Join Beth on the chase for the perfect skein of consistent yarn in this video.

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Beth Smith

Beth Smith is so obsessed with fiber that she has fleece in every room of her house, including her bathroom. She teaches the whys and how-tos of preparing and spinning as many breeds as a spinner can in her classes taught all over the world and in articles written for Spin Off, Knittyspin, Entangled, and for Ply Magazine.



“Beth presents her considerations for spinning consistency in a clear and concise manner, with nice examples. I'm looking forward to trying what I learned here, and believe it will be tremendously helpful!” - Carol Finger

Get even

“Lots of good ideas to practise here. It gives you a toolkit to fix your problems!” - Gemma Cusworth


“I liked how she told you where to place your hands with each different type of spinning.” - Kathryn Carle

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