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Many handspinners find inspiration in wedding ring shawls, knit from yarns so fine they can fit through a woman’s ring. Yet even experienced spinners might despair when they try to re-create such gossamer threads. And plenty of us want to make multi-ply yarns for socks, sweaters, or handwoven fabrics. If you want to produce fine yarns, watch Beth Smith unlock their mysteries. In Spin Thin, you’ll learn how slowing down and fattening up your core will produce better results.

You will love this video if you:

  • Are a spinner who loves working with yarns that are finer than DK weight and you want to be able to make your own.
  • wonder how changing your wheel and your fiber will affect your yarns in the end but aren’t sure how to go about finding out.
  • would like to become more familiar with your spinning wheel and how it works.

In this video you will learn how to:

  • make adjustments to your spinning wheel from tension to changing bands to changing whorls.
  • spin finer than you ever thought possible with just a few tiny adjustments.
  • sample everything.
  • begin hand combing, flicking and one method of hand carding and how hand processing compares with mill processed fibers.

Techniques demonstrated in this video:

  • changing brake band or drive band materials.
  • Hand combing, flicking and hand carding raw fleece.
  • short forward draw, spinning from the fold and supported long draw.
  • working with top, roving and cloud preparations.

Author bio:

Beth Smith is so obsessed with fiber that she has fleece in every room of her house, including her bathroom. She teaches the whys and how-tos of preparing and spinning as many breeds as a spinner can in her classes taught all over the world and in articles written for SpinOffKnittyspin and Entangled magazines. She also writes for Ply Magazine and serves as a member of the editorial advisory board.