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Level Up Your Drop-Spindle Skills

The endlessly versatile drop spindle allows you to spin an astonishing range of fibers and yarns. This small tool has as much potential as a spinning wheel, and this course is here to help you harness that power. 

Teacher and spindle expert Devin Helmen shares their passion for spindles and their wealth of knowledge, techniques, and tips to help take your spindle-spinning skills to the next level. You’ll love this course if you want to: 

  • Go beyond the park-and-draft method and tune your short draw 
  • Try spinning long draw on a spindle 
  • Get more control of your yarn with better drafting techniques 
  • Set yourself up for success with better fiber management and ergonomics 
  • Learn how to ply yarn from your spindles effortlessly 

This course covers all the spinning essentials and is perfect for new and experienced spinners ready to dive into skill building. Master your drop spindle skills with each of these lessons, and join passionate instructor Devin Helmen as you elevate your spindle spinning.


You’re ready for Devin’s course if you are comfortable spinning singles and plying a basic yarn with Maggie. Check out Maggie Casey’s free beginning drop-spindle course to brush up on the very beginner basics.

About Your Course


Devin Helmen

Devin Helmen (they/them) has been immersed in fiber since learning to spin at age eight. They spin, knit, and weave in beautiful Minnesota. Devin enjoys writing and teaching about fiber arts and has a passion for spindles and everyday textiles. Their focus is on making useful textiles from natural materials in a way that is informed by history and celebrates the materials. Devin’s fiber ambition is to be surrounded by handspun textiles, and they work toward furnishing a handspun household and building a handmade wardrobe.


Spindle Spinning Essentials Review

“I truly enjoyed their course. They basically told me that a lot of what I thought was not right about what I was doing was okay. They are very knowledgeable, and you can they really enjoy spinning.” - Carolyn Mills

Clear, concise, informative

“This was my first formal class in drop spindles, though I've been spinning yarn on them off and on for a few years now. I am impressed at how quickly I was able to improve just from Devin's demonstration and instructions. I've practiced long draw all afternoon yesterday (which I can now do successfully thanks to their instruction) and, because of their ergonomic advice, my shoulders are pleasantly stiff from exercising, but not achy or sore. I'm going to end up watching most of these videos over and over again to soak up all the knowledge I missed on the first walk through. This is such a great class - I highly recommend it for anyone curious about spindles. ” - kcyr .

Course Curriculum

    1. Getting Started and Two Methods for Adding a Leader

    1. Short Draw Essentials and Beyond

    1. Fine Tuning Your Short Draw

    1. Long Draw on the Spindle

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