Get ready to design your own handwoven project!

In this workshop , Tom will discuss:

  • finding inspiration everywhere you look, from the bookshelf to the grocery shelf, to the backyard and beyond;
  • choosing and adapting basic weaving drafts;
  • combining drafts and adding borders to your handwoven pieces;
  • types of threads, and how they can affect your woven project;
  • simple calculations to determine project measurements and how much yarn you will need;
  • finishing techniques including braids and hemstitching.

Meet Tom Knisely

Tom Knisely

Tom Knisely has been teaching handweaving for more than forty years. In addition to teaching, Tom weaves professionally and is a frequent contributor to Handwoven magazine. Voted Handwoven Teacher of the Year, Tom is renowned among his weaving students for his kindness, good humor, and seemingly infinite knowledge on the subject of weaving. He teaches at the beautiful Red Stone Glen Fiber Arts Center in York Haven, Pennsylvania.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Course

    2. Video: Meet Tom Knisely

    3. Video: Introduction & Welcome

    4. Technical Support

    1. Video Lesson: Finding Inspiration

    2. Look All Around You

    3. Image Album

    4. Inspiration: Stone

    5. Inspiration: Wood

    6. Inspiration: Metal

    1. Video Lesson: Working with Patterns

    2. Going by the Book (or Beyond)

    3. Wheel of Fortune

    4. Wheel of Fortune Continued

    1. Video Lesson: Choosing Thread for Your Project

    2. What You Need to Know

    1. Video Lesson: Project Calculations

    2. What You Need to Know

    1. Video Lesson: Finishing Your Project

    2. Things You Need to Know About Finishing

    3. Basic Hemstitching

About this course

  • $39.99
  • 26 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content