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Master the Magic of Doubleweave!

This workshop focuses on block structure in doubleweave, where you will weave separate block independently of one another. During this workshop you will learn the theory behind block doubleweave, and then weave a doubleweave sampler incorporating 18 variations of doubleweave blocks. Diagrams and photos throughout the course will support and reinforce the video lessons, and there is a downloadable handout in the Resources section with drafts and diagrams to help you weave your sampler.

About Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore

Between her striking doubleweave wall pieces and elegant wearables, Jennifer Moore is widely known for her luminous color gradations and dynamic designs. Her weaving has been widely exhibited for the past 40 years, and has won awards throughout the United States and abroad. Her work has been published in numerous magazines and books. Jennifer holds a Master of Fine Arts in weaving from the University of Oregon, where she specialized in exploring relationships between weaving, music, and mathematics in doubleweave. She currently maintains a studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and travels throughout the world giving lectures and workshops in weaving and design. She is the author of the The Weaver’s Studio: Doubleweave, Revised & Expanded, published by Interweave Press. as well as the workshop Doubleweave on a 4-Shaft Loom.

Course Reviews

Just what I wanted.

“I was having trouble wrapping my brain around block doubleweave and this workshop solved the problem! Clear, somewhat repetitive. . . . [T]he way Jennifer set up her loom and her explanation of having 2 sets of 4 shafts were clear and understandable. ” - Debbie Fister

Clean and direct.

“Comprehensive class taught soooo clearly and methodically. A joy!” - francine Lapides

Block Doubleweave on 8 Shafts

“Once again, Jennifer Moore brings us a well thought out, well explained, and well constructed course on doubleweave. This course enables you to expand your weaving knowledge and practice, and acts as a springboard for the many possibilities of designing gorgeous cloth in doubleweave on 8 shafts, and beyond.” - [email protected] .

Course curriculum

    1. Important Info

    2. Video: Understanding Doubleweave on 8 Shafts

    3. Doubleweave on 8 Shafts

    4. Profile & Threading Drafts for Your Doubleweave Sampler

    5. Video: How Black Doubleweave Works

    6. Understanding Doubleweave on 8 Shafts

    7. Threading in blocks

    8. Basic 8-Shaft Tie Up for Block Doubleweave

    9. Basic 8-Shaft Tie Up & Treadling for Alternating Blocks

    10. Basic Block Doubleweave in Cross Section

    11. Gallery

    1. Video: Weaving Double Blocks Part 1

    2. Beginning to Weave Double Blocks / 8-Shaft Tie-Up for Double Blocks

    3. Video: Weaving Double Blocks, Part 2

    4. Weaving Double Blocks Continued

    1. Video: Tubular Log Cabin

    2. Tubular Log Cabin Continued

    3. Gallary: Tubular Log Cabin

    1. Video: Windows

    2. Doubleweave Windows

    3. Gallery: Windows

    1. Video: Basic Checkerboard & 3 Variations

    2. Checkerboard

    3. Gallery: Checkerboard

    4. Video: Four More Checkerboard Variations

    5. Four More Checkerboard Variations: Tie-up & Treadling

    6. Gallery: Four More Checkerboard Variations

    7. Video: Further Checkerboard

    8. Further Checkerboard Variations: Tie-up & Treadling

    9. Gallery: Further Checkerboard Variations

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