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Warp-faced rep weave is a playground of vibrant color and patterning possibilities. Also referred to as "ripsmatta" (a Swedish term), rep weave
is characterized by the alternation of thick and thin picks of weft, or ribs. Great for rugs, runners, bags, and other sturdy fabrics, rep is also wonderful for creating artistic hangings because it allows many blocks of pattern with relatively few shafts. In this video, rep weaver Rosalie Neilson teaches:

  • How rep works and why it’s different from other warp-faced weaves
  • How to warp rep patterns smoothly and accurately
  • Weaving rep with smooth weft joins and good selvedges
  • How to design your own rep block patterns
  • Fun options with rep and floats

The download also includes a handout with warping and weaving tips, lists of materials and suppliers for rep, and one of Rosalie’s rep projects shown on the video.


Rosalie Neilson is known worldwide for her warp-faced rep weavings and kumihimo braiding. Her rep hangings have been exhibited nationally and internationally, including three exhibitions in Kyoto, Japan. She has written articles for Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot, Handwoven, and Weavers' magazines, and the Braid Society's journal,  StrandsShe lectures and teaches workshops throughout the United States, Canada, and England, and is on the Adjunct Faculty of Oregon College of Art and Craft.

Author/Designer: Rosalie Neilson


Engaging! Informative!

“I have been hoping for better explanations of blocks so that I can design my own and not just follow patterns. Rosalie provided clear explanations and beautiful examples.” - ROBIN ZIPERMAN