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From heirloom coverlets to dazzling contemporary household textiles and garments, overshot is one of the handsomest of weave structures. Whether woven in miniature on a towel or large-scale in a rug, overshot is striking. In this video, Madelyn van der Hoogt teaches everything you need to know to explore the many faces of overshot.

You'll Love This Weaving Video If:
  • You love to weave textiles with striking patterns
  • You want to design your own overshot drafts and projects
  • You want to improve your overshot weaving
  • You're interested in traditional textiles
In Weaving Overshot You'll Learn:
  • How to read, weave, and play with overshot drafts
  • Techniques to achieve even patterns
  • Why half-tones happen, and how you can use them in your designs
  • How to spot and weave overshot in rose-fashion and star-fashion
  • How to combine overshot threading with other treadlings, with spectacular results!
  • Ideas for playing with color and materials
About the Expert: Madelyn credits the “goddess of weaving" with the invention of enchanting overshot (“and it was good"), but she herself has shared the secrets of overshot with thousands of weavers over three decades of weaving, writing, and teaching, Madelyn van der Hoogt. Madelyn is the owner of The Weavers School, author of The Complete Book of Drafting, and editor emerita of Handwoven magazine.


Ready to shoot for overshot

“Overshot was the reason I bought a floor loom. Exciting to finally feel ready to weave it! I also appreciate the history and the instructions for deciphering different old drafts.” - Jodi Savage

There was SOOOOO much in here!

“So many little tidbits of information! I need to go practice an overshot weave and come back to see how much more there is to pick up when I have some experience. This was JUST what I was looking for to get me over the trepidation and confusion I had with overshot. So excited to get started. :)” - Kathrine Buechner

Clear, Interesting and Inclusive

“This course includes information from the conception of the structure to the completion of useful fabric.” - ELAINE R SANDOE