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In her Creative Weaving series, weaver and teacher Sara Bixler shows how you can make exciting, attractive cloth on a rigid-heddle loom or any loom. 

In this video, you will learn how to create a simple no sew baby blanket on a rigid heddle loom. You will weave narrow panels as small as you'd like, and seam them together in a series of small loops on each selvedge edge of your panels. These loops will allow you to construct the blanket without ever picking up a sewing needle.

Materials needed:

  • Rigid Heddle loom
  • Harrisville Shetland Yarn to warp the loom with
  • Kauni Yarn to use for the weft material
  • A strong piece of cording with little elasticity
  • A weight
  • Cardboard cones
  • Scissors
  • Crochet hook
  • Shuttle
  • Knitting markers

About the Instructor: Sara Bixler is the owner and primary instructor at Red Stone Glen Fiber Arts Center in York, Pennsylvania. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Bachelor of Science in K-12 education—although she gives full credit for the depth of her knowledge to her apprenticeship with her father, Tom Knisely. Sara is a frequent contributor to Handwoven Magazine.


Great technique for a small loom

“I like the idea of creating a blanket without having to do double weave on my rigid heddle loom. Instructions are clear. Sara gave a good demonstration of the technique.” - Janice Beil

Just what I was looking for!

“I’m eager to try this technique for. Lots of different kinds of projects — not just baby blankets.” - Deborah Bodinger

It is very explainatory.

“I learned a lot and will probably watch the video again to get the details written down.... You have given me some ideas, so I appreciate the teaching video. Thanks 😊.” - Marge Haney