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In this video workshop, expert instructor Amelia Garripoli makes supported spindle spinning accessible to spinners of all skill levels. You'll learn the basics as well as Amelia's expert tips and tricks for fiber preparation, plying, and more. Learn what fibers are best suited for each support spindle and how to match your spindle with the best bowl. Amelia even helps you troubleshoot your lumps and bumps and yarn that breaks or kinks.

Take a peek at Amelia's antique hand spindle collection—you'll see a fragile Akha spindle that was once buried in earth, glimpse a French spindle with an affixed metal cap, and discover why Russian spindles get shorter over time. With Amelia's passion for supported spinning and comprehensive lessons, you'll be spinning supported with ease and confidence.

About the Instructor:

Amelia Garripoli teaches spinning and weaving after escaping from Silicon Valley in 2001. She moved to Washington, bought a house that came with two llamas, promptly bought them a spinner’s flock, and sat down to learn how to use their fiber. Amelia self-published her book Productive Spindling in 2009. She writes the popular blog Ask the Bellwether at askthebellwether.blogspot.com.



“This is a great video - I've been spinning with both drop spindles and a wheel for a few years now and am keen to try support spindles. I have a Navajo and a Russian spindle which I now feel more confident to get started with. I love the interesting information about the types of spindles and the types of yarns to be spun with them. Thank you! ” - Elizabeth Squirrell

Great history of spindles from other cultures.

“I was not aware of the different shapes and how they were used for different fibers. The content was great and the instructor was very knowledgeable.” - Cindy Schafer

Love love love!

“Finally! A wonderful demo for plying Orenburg style! Awesome video.” - Emily Ghiz