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In fiber arts, the word “worsted” can mean so many things from yarn grist and weight to a smooth texture achieved through spinning techniques and fiber preparation. It can be confusing! Join expert instructor Amy Tyler and eliminate any confusion you may have. In this video workshop, you’ll learn how to spin beautiful worsted yarns using short draw techniques.

First, you’ll learn a variety of short draw spinning strategies that are useful for creating many different types of yarns. Create exactly the yarn you want by combining both carded and combed fiber preparations with your new toolbox full of short-draw spinning methods. Then, learn what “drafting with no twist” means and how to do it, as well as Amy’s expert tips for pre-drafting your fiber for easy spinning.

Finally, learn how to draft forward, backward, or both so you can spin in the way that is most effective and comfortable for you. You’ll learn how to adjust your spinning wheel for worsted spinning. Amy will help you study the way your spinning style combines with fiber preparation and wheel settings to affect your finished yarn. With practice, you’ll be able to draft fiber easily and spin worsted yarns with confidence.

You’ll love exploring worsted spinning and the endless possibilities you’ll have to create the perfect yarn for your projects.

A Word From the Author:

"The term 'worsted' is used in so many fiber and textile contexts. It can be confusing! I'd like to clear away some of that confusion and show you how to spin worsted yarns using short draw techniques."  — Amy Tyler


Amy Tyler

Amy Tyler has spent her adult life studying human movement, both in art (modern dance) and in science (kinesiology, physiology). She spent nine years teaching physical therapy students about motor learning, neuromuscular physiology, biomechanics, and evidence-based therapy. She left the academic life in 2004 to pursue fiber arts. When asked recently by a former physiology colleague if she uses her science background in the fiber arts, she replied, “Every single day!”


Incredibly helpful and clear

“Thank you for such a clear and informative lesson on worsted spinning - I am a beginner and your options for forward, backward and combining both movements have give me so much more scope for the yarns I am spinning.” - Heather Richmond

One of my favorite classes!

“Instruction was very clear in her descriptions and visual demonstrations. Excellent and motivational class. ” - Roberta Santiago

Very Good Course

“Great for beginning and intermediate spinners. Though I've been a spinner for almost 50 years, I still learned something.” - Barbara Southwick White