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What if there was a way to create a ball of yarn directly on your drop spindle that is ready for plying? You can, with a Turkish spindle! Join expert Amelia Garripoli to learn all about these fascinating, beautiful tools. Turkish spindles are great for spinners on the go: they have no hook to bend by accident, and you'll have a ready ball of yarn once the spindle is full.

In this workshop, you'll learn about the different parts of a Turkish drop spindle and how the balanced arms (in place of the usual spindle whorl) provide a framework for a beautiful ball of yarn. Master the basics of creating a half-hitch, drafting, and winding on to the spindle to create beautiful (and practical) yarn bundles. Then learn Amelia's expert tips for beginners and how to troubleshoot your spinning. Learn the best way to store your spindle for travel so it stays beautiful and intact and how to put your spindle at rest without losing twist.

Finally, you'll tackle plying and have the opportunity to take a peek at Amelia's large and varied Turkish spindle collection. Discover the differences between Turkish spindles and choose the right one for you. Amelia will even teach you how to make a functioning spindle out of colored pencils!

You'll have so much fun exploring the composition, history, techniques, and benefits of using a Turkish spindle; it's sure to become one of your favorite spinning tools.

About the Host:

Amelia Garripoli teaches spinning and weaving after escaping from Silicon Valley in 2001. She moved to Washington, bought a house that came with two llamas, promptly bought them a spinner's flock and sat down to learn how to use their fiber. Amelia self-published her book Productive Spindling in 2009. She writes the popular blog Ask the Bellwether at

Author/Designer: Amelia Garripoli


Extremely helpful

“A very thorough, clear lesson on using a Turkish Spindle. I especially loved the troubleshooting section, and the tips and tricks for traveling with your spindles. Wonderful advice on spinning in general, applicable to spinning with other spindles as well. I am new to spinning, and this video gave me a much better understanding of what to do and how to do it!” - Ann Bohrer

Excellent instruction!

“I really enjoyed this class. I've been curious about Turkish spindles and think that after viewing and practicing that a Turkish spindle is my new favorite spindle!” - Kathryn Broege

All the Basics to Get You Started — Very Clear and Comprehensive

“This is the best Turkish spindle tutorial I have found to date. Amelia Garripoli is a superb instructor. I really Appreciate the way she makes great use of time by jumping right in two what you need to know how about Turkish drop spindles, without a lot of superfluous, time-consuming chit chat. I highly recommend this tutorial.” - William Douglas