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Some spinners swear by it. Others avoid it at all costs. But predrafting is a time-tested technique for managing hard-to-handle fibers, useful for beginners and experienced spinners alike. In this video workshop, master spinner and teacher Maggie Casey offers her advice on when to use predrafting to make your spinning easier, when to avoid it, and how to manage combed top and drumcarded fibers. Whether you’re struggling with compacted hand-dyed fibers or wrestling with a large batt, Maggie Casey demonstrates how predrafting can help you get to know and make friends with different fibers.

You will love this video if you:

  • Would like your fibers to be easier to handle
  • Find working with compacted fibers to be a struggle
  • Want to try new techniques for spinning batts

In this video you will learn how to:

  • Predraft hand-dyed top for easier spinning
  • Handle a batt of fiber
  • Position your hands to make predrafting easy

Maggie Casey, author of Start Spinning (Interweave, 2009), spends her day working and teaching at Shuttles, Spindles & Skeins in Boulder, Colorado. She loves teaching spinning because she learns so much from her students. 


Told me exactly what to expect.

“Clear, concise and easy to understand. Close ups are very helpful. Excellent.” - ELAINE GAULT

Loved this

“Absolutely loved this. At this time I watched this I didn't know predrafting was a thing. ” - Sonia Pope