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Go electric and spin up a storm!

Do you get a jolt from spinning on an e-spinner? Want to ditch the ratios and whorls and spin like the wind? Sarah Anderson’s video explores the ins and outs (and ons and offs) of the new generation of electric spinning wheels. Portable, powerful, and fun to use, electric spinners are a great travel wheel (or only wheel) for many spinners. 

In this video you will learn:

  • Why an electric spinner might suit you
  • How the parts of an e-spinner work
  • Ways to use an electric spinner for woolen, worsted, and other spinning styles
  • Ins and outs of maintaining your electric spinner
  • How to use your e-spinner for maximum comfort
  • Tricks for getting the most from your electric spinning wheel

Let Sarah Anderson’s expert advice guide you in getting to know a new electric spinner or get the most from one you already have. Power up and explore the possibilities!

About the Expert:

Fascinated by all things fiber since childhood, Sarah Anderson is the author of The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs. Her video The Building Blocks of Spinning is an Interweave bestseller. Sarah lives, spins, knits, and weaves in the Pacific Northwest with her husband in a small house full of fiber, wheels, and spindles.



“Sarah does a wonderful job of going through all of the features of an espinner and also spinning techniques of different fiber preps!” - Lynne Miller

Just what I needed

“Great overview and tips! I"m an experienced treadle wheel spinner, new to E-spinning; solved some of the problems I was having with plying and making slubs. Slow enough to see everything and . . . see the back/far hand with long draw (often not visible on YouTube demos).” - Karen Cooper

Helpful introduction

“I learned more than I expected to from this video. There's more than just "power spinning" but plenty of helpful ideas about spinning and plying in general.” - Aline Faben