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Dyeing your own yarn or fiber offers the same satisfaction as making your own homemade soup. You know exactly what goes in it, you can tweak the ingredients to get exactly what you want, you can make endless variations from just a few basic ingredients. Plus, it's fun! And you can do it right in your own kitchen!

Deb Menz knows the process inside out, and she is a master of making color alchemy attainable for anyone. All you need is some wool, silk, or other protein fiber and a few basic dye powders to mix and match as you please.

In this cheerful session, Deb talks about:

  • Equipment and safety
  • Choosing basic dyes that are safe and easy to use
  • Making stock solutions to keep handy for color mixing
  • Simple (really simple!) math for creating repeatable colors if you want to
  • Color mixing - the sky's the limit.

After that, it's all fun! Deep-water and low-water dyeing, dip dyeing, resist dyeing, ombrés, self-striping yarns, squirting, injecting, dribbling - and overdyeing if you don't like what you get the first time. Along the way, you will pick up useful hints on color theory so you can get just the effects you want.

Author/Designer: Deb Menz


Great introduction to dyeing!

“I really enjoyed this class and found the color mixing and hand painting demonstration very helpful and inspiring!” - Kathryn Broege

Great video on dyeing

“Deb is enthusiastic and easy to watch. I really enjoyed this course! I am excited to try dyeing for the first time. ” - Sonya Nelson

Great introduction to dyeing.

“Clear concise instructions, I'd encourage anyone who hasn't to spend the time watching this and then having a go on some yarn. Good variety of dyeing methods demonstrated too. ” - Lesley Brisco