How to Spin Art Yarns

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In How to Spin Art Yarns, Esther Rodgers shows you how to spin a variety of creative yarns, with textures from smooth to wild. If you've ever wanted to improve your corespinning, create coiled yarns, or incorporate luxurious locks of fiber into your yarn, you'll find the answers in over 90 minutes of step-by-step instruction. Join Esther in this video workshop, and learn how to begin with batts, top, locks, and a variety of add-ins. Esther will walk you through the sometimes challenging but always exiting world of textured yarn.

You'll learn:

  • Four different ways to spin fleece and locks
  • How to manage twist while corespinning
  • Plying techniques to maximize texture and color play
  • How to incorporate unusual materials such as feathers, sequins, and beads

Whether you want to make exuberant novelty yarns or just add a bit of texture to your repertoire, spinning art yarns will expand your spinning.

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About Esther Rodgers:

Esther Rodgers is a writer, teacher, and fiber artist whose business is known as Jazzturtle. She began her spinning career exploring the world of texture and art spinning and merging it with function. She has taught classes all over the world and makes her home in North Carolina.


How To Spin Art Yarns

“I found this video by Esther Rogers to be clear and concise while also having warmth and encouragement. I may never make such textured yarns but she gave me all the instruction I need to do so. Thank you.” - Kellie Lombardi

Art Yarns with Esther Rodgers

“A clear and interesting exploration of art yarns, covering use of texture, add-ins and various plying techniques. An excellent video to extend your spinning choices.” - Janet Harkin

Watched a second time

“These videos help me develop my skills. I have to watch them more than once... like saying "please, Teach, show me again!" There is a lot packed into a short time. Worth watching. ” - Aline Faben