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Love spinning, but have persistent problems you can't seem to solve? Abby Franquemont answers your questions, shows examples, and demonstrates why these things happen and how to address them. In this video workshop, you will learn how small and large changes can make your spinning easier, more consistent, and more comfortable.

You will learn:

• How to determine whether your wheel needs repair

• Ways to improve your spinning posture and movements

• How to remove blemishes in your yarn

• What you can expect to spin from different fiber preparations


Easy to understand help for beginners

“Well presented and interesting. Great use of two common types of wheel and the issues you might have with them. Also good on the issues you might be causing yourself. I have an old wheel with no instructions, I will be going back to it with a better understanding of what might be wrong with it and what I should expect from it. ” - Alison Jaffrey

New Spinner's Guide

“Excellent. Helpful, lots of info that I can use. Clear, concise. Well done!” - ELAINE GAULT

I learned a lot

“Abby’s methodical yet not rigid. Covers basics and provides pragmatic tips for solving problems, both with wheel maintenence and spinning style and technique. I’ll be able to protect my body and enjoy spinning for more years, esp with long draw after watching this video.” - Karen Cooper