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Twill fabric is found around the world and throughout history, and no wonder! From its lovely drape to its shaft-thrifty and seemingly endless patterning possibilities, twill is perhaps the most versatile of weave structures. In TotallyTwill: The Basics, master weaver Robyn Spady shows you how to mix and match twill threadings, tie-ups, and treadling to create a profusion of patterns. Plus, you'll get a handout that will take you through drafts, tie-ups, and treadling variations for a dozen different kinds of twills.

You'll Love This Weaving Video If:

  • You enjoy crochet for a cause
  • If you want to help someone in need or celebrate an event
  • If you want to practice your crochet skills and learn new motifs

In This Video You Will Learn

  • How to use the twill circle to design twill patterns
  • Loads of tips, including how to determine sett and when to use floating selvedges
  • Twill variations, from rosepath and birds-eye to M and W, turned, and fancy twills
  • How to create double-faced cloth using unbalanced twills
  • How to design twill gamps

About the Author:

Robyn Spady is a lifelong weaver who still weaves on the loom that her great-grandmother used to weave her first baby blanket. Robyn completed HGA's Certificate of Excellence in Weaving in 2004. She is fascinated by the infinite possibilities of crossing threads and is especially interested in exploring and teaching advanced and uncommon weave structures on as few as four shafts. Robyn is a frequent contributor to Handwoven magazine. She lives in Bremerton, Washington.


Twill thrill!

“I learned more about twills as well as using a multi shaft loom than expected. Robyn has a great presentation style that does not leave the beginner wondering “what?”. Thank you for that! My journey is young yet but I am stoked for more!” - Marsha Gallacher

Basic Twill with Robyn Spady

“Fantastic! I've been weaving for 3 years, trying desperately to understand some of the weaving language around twills, and what they all mean. THIS course set me straight and I feel like it's the piece that was missing for me to 'get' patterns.” - Bev Hawkins

Robyn and Twills are terriffic!

“Robyn Spady is an excellent instructor. Her explanations are clear and succinct. The combination of diagrams, woven examples and Robyn weaving at the loom enabled me to grasp all she was teaching quickly. In little time, I gained a much better understanding of twill weaves now. Many thanks!” - MARTHA NARRO