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You love to create original patterns and weave them into a variety of designs, then twill is the weave structure for you! In Totally Twill: Beyond The Basics, master weaver Robyn Spady shows how you can start with a single threading and create a variety of surprising and sophisticated twill patterns and designs. Plus, you’ll get a handout that will take you through drafts, tie-ups, and treadling variations for a dozen different kinds of twills.

Run Time: 01:15:00

You’ll Love This Weaving Video If:
  • You enjoy weaving many patterns on a single warp
  • You want to learn more about creating weaving drafts
  • You want to create subtle and sophisticated fabrics with simple weaving techniques
In Totally Twill: Beyond The Basics You’ll Learn:
  • How to plan steps and runs for advancing and advancing point twills
  • How to define grid and path for a networked twill
  • How to scale a network draft to fit the number of shafts on your loom
  • Techniques for designing and scaling with weaving software
  • Tips for threading and weaving complex twills
  • Color strategies for echo weave
  • Designs for corkscrew and manifold twills
About the Expert:

Robyn Spady is a lifelong weaver who still weaves on the loom that her great-grandmother used to weave her first baby blanket. Robyn completed HGA's Certificate of Excellence in Weaving in 2004.  She is fascinated by the infinite possibilities of crossing threads and is especially interested in exploring and teaching advanced and uncommon weave structures on as few as four shafts. Robyn is a frequent contributor to Handwoven magazine. She lives in Bremerton, Washington.