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The choice of yarn can make or break a weaving project, making the weaving experience and the finished project either satisfying or disappointing. There are so many things to consider—fibers, yarn construction and weight, sett, colors, and more—and so many questions. Can this yarn be used for warp? For weft? What reed size should you use? What do numbers like 8/2 mean, and what the heck is 'worsted,' anyway? In this video, master weaver Tom Knisely answers all these questions and teaches you how to choose the perfect yarns for your projects

You'll Love This Weaving Video If:

  • You want to design your own weaving projects
  • You want to weave confidently using any kind of yarn
  • You want to try weaving with knitting yarns or “shop your stash"

In The Weaver's Yarn Companion You'll Learn:

  • The basics of yarn construction: worsted and woolen, plies, twist, and more
  • How to choose yarn of the right fiber, weight, and type for your projects
  • How to identify “mystery yarns" from your stash or a sale
  • The best yarns for warp and weft
  • How to choose the right sett and reed for your yarn
  • How to design with space-dyed and variegated yarns
  • Basic finishing techniques for your cloth

About the Expert:

For more than thirty years, Tom Knisely has been handweaving teacher and general manager at The Mannings Handweaving School and Supply Center in East Berlin, Pennsylvania. In addition to teaching, Tom weaves professionally and is a frequent contributor to Handwoven magazine. Voted Handwoven Teacher of the Year, Tom is renowned among his weaving students for his kindness, good humor, and “seemingly infinite knowledge on the subject of weaving."