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In Spinning Silk with Sara Lamb, you'll see how easy and painless it is to spin gorgeous, lush silk. Sara will show you how to spin a variety of silks using a drop spindle and spinning wheel. As a bonus, you'll also learn how to dye silk using handpainting techniques.

You'll Love This Spinning Video If:

  • You want to spin soft, luxurious silk
  • You're interested in new techniques for spinning silk
  • You've ever heard that spinning silk was difficult

In Spinning Silk You'll Learn:

  • How to spin a variety of silk types
  • How to ply and finish your silk to make it extra shiny and durable
  • How to spin enough silk for your project without wearing yourself out

A Word From the Author:

"Silk is a luxury fiber, it has been a luxury fiber for centuries. It's used as garments for royalty, as fabric for the wealthy. It's the subject of intrigue and lots of trade throughout history. Luckily today we have more silk available to us to spin than any other time in history. " — Sara Lamb

About the Author:

Sara Lamb is a longtime weaver, handspinner, and dyer. She enjoys working from her studio in a yurt in her Northern California backyard, and teaching at fiber conferences around the world. Sara is the author of Woven Treasures, and her work has appeared and in publications such asSpin Off; Handwoven; Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot, and numerous other books and publications. Her serene spinning and weaving styles are matched by her passion for fiber arts and her wickedly wonderful sense of humor.



“I had been trying on my own to spin silk and . . . I tried Sara’s technique of spinning over the fold and I was amazed at how much easier the silk was to spin. She gives information about all the different kinds of silk, how to spin them, how to ply them, and how to use them in projects. The bonus section on dyeing and painting silk was truly a bonus. I have a whole new appreciation for silk . . . [and] now I look forward to many hours of spinning and using silk. ” - Barbara Weber

So much more than just silk spinning

“I am no longer scared to spin that top of silk and merino I have waiting for me, in fact I going to go spin it now! Comprehensive run down on silk, spinning and dying. ” - Jennifer Blasgund

Great information

“Sarah is so laid back and makes this looks all so easy. Her spinning is perfect and drafting looks is effortless.” - Cindy Schafer