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Much as we hate to think about it, every spinner makes mistakes . . . and expert spinner and teacher Maggie Casey is no exception. In her new video workshop, she opens her trove of finished projects (and unfinished ones!) that didn't come out as planned and discusses where she went astray. Whether the faults were in the spinning or in the project design, Maggie explores how she could have made each project better—and what lessons she took forward to her next project. With Maggie's help you'll avoid common errors and learn how sampling and swatching can save you from spinning mishaps. 

You will love this video if you:

  • Are a beginning to intermediate spinner
  • Want to learn tips and tricks from a master spinner
  • Are frustrated by mistakes in your spinning

In this video you will learn how to:

  • Make your spinning more even and prevent unwanted color variations
  • Sample yarns and fibers to make the most of them
  • Reevaluate and revise an unsuccessful project
  • Spin yarns with more memory and elasticity

Maggie Casey, author of Start Spinning (Interweave, 2009), spends her day working and teaching at Shuttles, Spindles & Skeins in Boulder, Colorado. She loves teaching spinning because she learns so much from her students.


Generous Sharing

“It's humbling to learn from an expert who admits to and shows their mistakes-from prep to spinning to completed project. I could see aspects of my own personality that have prevented me from feeling successful (love to start things more than finish). I don't have a desire to knit other than a few small projects like a beanie, headband, scarf or cowl, but now see that swatching for even smaller projects, especially with a yarn I love or is a precious or expensive fiber, will pay off so that I can enjoy wearing them! Appreciated the demonstration of how she spun and could've spun differently to achieve the look desired.” - Karen Cooper