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In Spinning Gossamer Threads, Galina Khmeleva takes you on a journey back in time to the place where the iconic Orenburg shawls were first created. Through this interactive workshop, Galina will teach you how to spin elegant yarn in to lace patterns to create your own piece of Orenburg history. She'll demonstrate her spinning style using tools, combs and spindles that are specific to the region. 

You'll Love This Spinning Video If:

  • You enjoy learning about the history of spinning
  • You've always wondered how delicate lace is created with yarn
  • You want to improve your spindle spinning techniques

In Spinning Gossamer Threads You'll Learn:

  • The properties of Orenburg cashmere
  • How to comb and spin on tools from the region
  • Techniques for plying and finishing your yarn

A Word From the Author:

"I'm Galina Khmeleva, former Russian now living in Fort Collins, Colorado. [I will] try to introduce you to unique method of combing and spinning Orenburg style. [The] interest in this country is enormous for how to process your own fiber if you have some kind [of] exotic animals like goats, camels, bison, etc." — Galina Khmeleva

About the Author:

Galina Khmeleva teaches the techniques of Orenburg spinning and knitting throughout the world. She provides tools and materials through her business, Skaska Design, where she also sells shawls created by the knitters of Orenburg. She is author of Gossamer Webs: History and Techniques of Orenburg Lace Shawls (Interweave, 1998), Orenburg Knitting: Knitting Gossamer Webs, and a long time contributor to PieceWork magazine. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, with her husband, George Girard and her beloved cats, Sasha and Mukha.


Gossamer threads

“Absolutely lovey video. I now feel equipped to give cashmere spinning a go.” - Dunja Roberts

Fun and interesting!

“What a fun and very informative course! . . . [T]he 2 hours fly, while packed with everything, from the traditions of Orenburg to the very practical second part where you will get to know everything about how to produce the yarn[.] . . . The course is very complete, and Galina's enthusiasm conveys very clearly the culture around the Orenburg shawls (of which I knew nothing) and the Orenburg region traditions - I only wish there had been a clearer picture of one of the goats! The "practical" part on how to comb the fleece with special tools, the spindles, the spinning, plying and finishing is complete, you do feel you could do it after watching it - apart from the fact that Galina's skill at spinning is mindboggling. Amazing course, one of those that I will watch multiple times.” - Paola Manzini