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Do you have a small collection of precious or exotic fibers you’ve been waiting to spin? Join handspinning and fiber blending expert Sarah Anderson and learn to prepare, blend, and spin silk, cashmere, cotton, sari silk, and more. Create blends with unique qualities you won’t be able to find commercially, learn Sarah’s expert tips on how to salvage a fleece with a break in the staple, and much more. With this video tutorial, you’ll expand your spinning skills and learn to spin the luxury yarns of your dreams!

You’ll love this spinning video if you:

  • Have a small stash of precious fibers you’ve been waiting to spin
  • Want to explore unique blends not available in stores
  • Need to stretch a special fiber to complete a project

In Spinning Exotic Fiber Blends, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use handcards to make an easy-to-spin puni
  • Salvage a fleece with a break in the staple
  • Master fine spinning with a long draw
  • Ply small amounts of fine yarn

Techniques Demonstrated in Video:

  • Fiber blending
  • Spinning using the long draw method
  • Choosing fibers to make a unique blend
  • Using handcards to blend fiber
  • Creating a puni from fiber on handcards
  • Andean Plying

About the Expert:

Fascinated by all things fiber since childhood, Sarah Anderson is the author of The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs. Her video The Building Blocks of Spinning is an Interweave bestseller. Sarah lives, spins, knits, and weaves in the Pacific Northwest with her husband in a small house full of fiber, wheels, and spindles