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In Spinning Cotton, Stephenie Gaustad is out to revive an art that is often overlooked by today’s contemporary spinners; spinning cotton. Cotton is one of the most important fibers in the developed world, and Stephenie is here to show you how to prepare cotton from boll to batt in this two part series.

You’ll Love This Spinning Video If:

  • You want to learn techniques for preparing cotton
  • If you have an appreciation for important fibers
  • You enjoy the historical aspect of spinning

In Spinning Cotton You’ll Learn:

  • How to prepare cotton
  • Techniques for efficiently spinning with ease
  • How to boil off and set twist for your yarns

A Word From the Author:

"Bette Hochberg used to say, that of all the fibers spun in the long history of spinning, that the one that clothed, warmed and protected the most people was cotton. I’m Stephenie Gaustad and welcome to my kitchen." — Stephenie Gaustad

About the Author:

Stephenie Gaustad is an artist, illustrator, designer, and weaver. She enjoys designing classic garments and spinning yarn. She is also dedicated to fiber preparation, color theory and cloth design. Her illustrations can be found in The Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning, which she produced with her husband, Alden Amos.


Learned so much

“Stephenie is amazing! She is such a great teacher, I learned so much and will be going back to her video again and again. She covered so much from start to finish and she didn't go so fast you couldn't follow. Thank you Stephenie!” - Karen Cobb

Thoroughly Impressed

“This is the first video I have watched on Long Thread and I'm very impressed by how much I learned about cotton spinning. I have some cotton that was gifted to me that I have been afraid to spin. After watching this video I feel like I could give it a try. Thank you so much!” - Tegan Leach

Finally cotton spinning explained!

“I enjoyed this class so much. The teacher was knowledgeable and broke down the spinning to the smallest detail. I have been trying to spin cotton for a couple of years with some success, but after watching this video, I understood precisely what I was doing wrong. Thank you!” - Denise Rainford