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As a spinner, your most important, versatile tools are your own skilled hands. With those eight fingers and two opposable thumbs, plus a half-dozen simple techniques for manipulating the fiber supply, you can spin a full suite of yarn styles. The nuts and bolts:

  • Worsted
  • Semi-worsted
  • Woolen
  • Semi-woolen
  • Slub
  • Boucle

You'll begin by seeing the unlikely possibility of spinning the six different yarns styles with a single fiber preparation. You'll end by witnessing this revered master spinner, in a miracle of energetic ambidexterity, draft two fiber sources simultaneously into a single strong, lofty, funky novelty yarn. And so can you.



“What a great video packed with clear, thoughtful methods and tools. ” - Petra Manis

Very Useful

“As a spinner, weaver, and knitter I found this video to be informative and inspiring!” - Bridget Flynn

Very informative

“Judith explains it clearly, in a relaxed way with lots of tips and tricks. She's just such a good teacher, I find myself looking for her opinion whenever I try a new technique or fiber. ” - Shadé Sidihakis