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In Spinner’s Guide to Color Theory: Mastering Color Without Dyeing, Judith MacKenzie shows you that there’s no need to set up a large dyeing studio in your home to get brilliant colors for your fleece. You can have wool every hue without ever having to dye your fleece. By combining different techniques, you can make gorgeous and brilliant colored fleece using only your cards, combs and color theory.

You’ll love this Spinning video if:

  • You’ve wanted to color your wool but don’t have space to dye
  • You’re interested in using colored top
  • You’re interested in color theory for spinning

In Spinner’s Guide to Color Theory, you’ll learn:

  • How to blend colors to get the perfect hue
  • Why black, brown, white and gray fiber are a necessity for every spinner
  • How to get a sophisticated palette by plying
  • Why your eyes are drawn to certain colors more than others

With Judith’s expertise and easy-to-follow color system, any spinner can refine the art and science of color to make beautifully colored wool without dyeing.

About the Expert

Judith MacKenzie has been spinning and weaving most of her life and has been a textile artist for over thirty years. Her traditional training has been expanded with world travel, deep research, and industry consultation. Judith is a renowned spinner and a frequent contributor to Spin-Off magazine. She writes and teaches extensively and is author of The Intentional Spinner (Interweave, 2009) and The Practical Spinner’s Guide: Rare Luxury Fibers (Interweave, 2015).


Very interesting

“I always feel bogged down by color, but this class has giving me some tools to not be afraid to try different things. ” - Carol Kaminsky

Color tutorial

“Interesting explanation and demonstration of color with carding and spinning. Very informative.” - Kathryn Wood