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Creating a beautiful and unique color palette in your hand-spun yarn is easier than you may think. You have the ability to produce the perfect color for your dream spinning project even if you aren’t a dyer. In The Spinner's Toolbox Collection, Part 1, you’ll learn color theory that is easily applicable to working with an array of different fibers. Master spinner Judith MacKenzie will show you how to use several different methods for creating beautiful color palettes using yarn and other commercially dyed fiber. You will learn new ways to spin that create harmonious color effects and will make your hand-spun yarn distinctive and unique. Plus, get hands-on tips and techniques for your next colorful project.

You’ll Love This Spinning Video If:

  • You want to learn about color theory in handspinning
  • You want to learn new spinning techniques that create distinctive color effects
  • You are interested in modifying the yarn you have for a new, colorful project

In The Spinner's Toolbox Collection, Part 1, You’ll Learn:

  • How color theory applies to fiber
  • How spinning can create new color palettes
  • New techniques such as blending, shading, tinting, and toning
  • How to modify colors and create colorful textured yarns


Loved it.

“Judith McKenzie did a wonderful job with this video. As a new spinner, she gave me some wonderful tips on creating colors by blending different yarns. ” - Hollie Chapman


“As always, Judith shows ways to beautifully make colors sing.” - Veronica Randle