Sharon Costello will take you through the process of creating an impressionistic garden landscape with wool using needle- and wet-felting techniques. All you need is a piece of pre-felt fabric, a bit of carded wool, a couple of felting needles, a foam pad, and your imagination, and you’re ready to begin the artistic journey of painting with wool. Finish the project by using wet-felting techniques to finalize the design. Sharon will also show you a selection of her designs and explain how she created the beautiful impressionistic effects in them.

This 70 minute tutorial is available in DVD as well as digital download format. Download it in standard of high-definition (HD) quality.


Fantastic instruction

“She explains everything so well. She tells the hows and whys so that we understand the process. I will be watching this again as I get to start my first project.” - Kathy Flint

Spot on!

“She is a wonderful teacher! Clearly explained and demonstrated techniques at a pace that is easy to follow and absorb. I feel confident enough to do this now. ” - Pat Eginton