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In Needle Tatting: The Basics and More with Georgia Seitz, you'll discover the art of needle tatting! Master tatter Georgia Seitz shows how to create gorgeous lace, using just a tatting needle and thread. Tat sweet caps and booties for baby, edgings, doilies and tablecloths, and embellishment. Tatting is a form of lacemaking that has a long and glorious history; it's been popular for centuries, and it's becoming increasingly popular in the 21st century. With just 2 simple implements—a tatting needle and a ball of thread—you can make exquisite lace.

You'll Love This Video If:

  • You want to learn the basic steps needed to create lace with needle tatting
  • You're interested in creating handmade items to adorn clothing, household linens, and accessories
  • You're intrigued by the fascinating technique of needle tatting

In Needle Tatting: The Basics and More, Georgia Seitz:

  • Provides a firm foundation with a thorough examination of basic concepts, including the 2-step double stitch
  • Offers step-by-step instructions for making the essential elements in tatting—chains, picots, rings, and joins—along with helpful information on using tatting patterns and diagrams
  • Displays some of her extensive collection of tatted objects and tools
  • Inspires a new appreciation for everyday handwork objects and their creation
  • Offers step-by-step instructions for making additional elements in tatting—split chains and rings, hiding ends, spirals, Josephine knots, and tatting with beads
  • Shares lots of tips and tricks to make your tatting experience richer
  • Shows some finished tatted objects, including bookmarks, ornaments, edgings for handkerchiefs, and more
  • Delves into the fascinating history of tatting


Georgia Seitz, who graduated from Indiana State University, served in the United States Army as a Chinese linguist in Japan and a German linguist in Germany. She learned to tat in 1979 and hasn't stopped. She has been teaching tatting since 1985; in addition to her numerous teaching engagements, she offers an online tatting class. Her first nationally published tatting patterns appeared in the November/December 1993 issue of PieceWork magazine, and she has written a series of books on tatting.