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Have you ever had a wonderful knit or crochet pattern but couldn't find commercial yarn in the color or fiber you wanted? Have you had luscious fiber but didn't know how to spin it into the right yarn for the project you had in mind? In this video, master spinner Patsy Zawistoski teaches an easy, ingenious method for analyzing commercial yarns and reproducing them with handspinning.

You'll Love This Spinning Video If:

  • You knit, spin, or weave with your handspun yarn
  • You like to combine store-bought and handspun ayarn
  • You like to design yarn for a specific use or project

In Make THAT Yarn You'll Learn:

  • Which millspun yarns you can or can't reproduce with handspinning
  • How to deconstruct a yarn to determine its twist and grist
  • Simple tools for analyzing and recreating yarns
  • Secrets of millspun yarns that you can apply to your handspinning
  • How to reproduce a commercial worsted, one of the most useful and most challenging yarns to make

About the Expert:

Patsy Sue Zawistoski is an internationally known teacher and lecturer who loves to help spinners turn all manner of fleece and fiber into yarns, from heirloom to contemporary styles. She holds a Master-level Certificate of Excellence (COE) in Handspinning from the Handweavers Guild of America. Her innovative COE topic was spinning novelty yarns for use as warps in weaving, and she continues to explore the “What if?" questions of technique, fiber, and yarn structure, pushing the boundaries of handspinning for herself and her students.