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In Loom Owner’s Companion, master weaver Tom Knisely will show you the ins and outs of four different different types of weaving looms: jack looms, countermarch looms, counterbalance looms, and table looms. You’ll learn dozens of tips to keep your loom in great conditions gleaned from Tom’s decades of experience with hundreds of different looms. From the loom bench to your reeds and shuttles, Tom will make sure that each of your weaving experiences are fun and enjoyable. And if you enjoy Tom’s instructional style, follow along as he guides you through the process of creating woven rugs in his video Weave a Good Rug.

You’ll Love This Weaving Video If:

  • You want to know what type of loom is right for your
  • You want to understand your own loom (or looms) better
  • You’d like tips for weaving with ease

In Loom Owner’s Companion You’ll Learn:

  • Easy ways to keep your loom in top working condition
  • The tools that all weavers should own
  • How to understand all types of drafts and tie-ups for your loom

A Word From the Author:

"Today we’re going to be looking at several different types of looms. We’re going to be looking at the similarities between these looms, and also the differences in how they operate. And hopefully we'll make it a little clearer why you would choose one loom over another for your weaving pleasure." — Tom Knisely

What Other Weavers Are Saying:

"Tom is a marvelous teacher (I learned to weave with him.) I expect to refer to this video often as I continue weaving. " — Linda, New Jersey


Tom Knisely

Tom Knisely has been teaching handweaving for more than forty years. In addition to teaching, Tom weaves professionally and is a frequent contributor to Handwoven magazine. Voted Handwoven Teacher of the Year, Tom is renowned among his weaving students for his kindness, good humor, and seemingly infinite knowledge on the subject of weaving. He teaches at the beautiful Red Stone Glen Fiber Arts Center in York Haven, Pennsylvania.